Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Relief Sigh

The news of the day is: When something seems awful in your life, or overwhelming or whatever the case may be, sit back and give it to God. Truly! Every single stressful thing I have ever experienced, as hard as it is to go through it, it DOES PASS. Here's a quote I wrote when I was younger: "Life is a road full of hills, enjoy the view from the top of each hill, take the ditches as learning experiences".

My relief sigh comes in because as you know my A&P course has been a huge struggle for me this semester. I am no where near out of the woods yet, but after FINALLY getting better than  D on one of my tests, I had an epiphany, I may not be learning all I need to know, but I *am* learning and the way the tests are, have nothing to do with my abilities to know the material. Her tests are hard, no question, but I've gotten 65% or so on each one, which means I know WAY more than half of the material being taught right? Probably more if it weren't for the trick questions. The point is, a letter grade is just a letter, but the learning I am doing is real and I have faith it will stick with me. I am trying so hard, studying harder than I've ever studied before, and at the end of the day, I am giving it my all. SO, last night, I got my grade back from the lab practical taken last week for midterms, I got a B on it. The perfectionist is me was a little disappointed that it wasn't an "A" but Holy Lord in Heaven was I relieved!! Thank you God! I was able to calculate my grade and at this very moment, even though my test grades have been way less than stellar I am rounding in with a C in the class, again, below my standards, but I need a C to pass the class to get into nursing and if the bare minimum requirement is all I can get, I WILL TAKE IT!!!

Relief sigh number two, Al had his follow up appointment this morning, the good news is I believe his condition has stabilized. He has new doses of his meds, and is ordered to get labs done every two weeks, but overall, I believe we are past the crisis phase. There was damage done to his kidney with the acute failure he experienced, so his creatinine most likely won't go lower than what it is now, but it's still quite a distance away from where it would be if he had to go back on the transplant list, so I am praising God that we get more time with this kidney and praying that his numbers stay stable!

On another note, the weather here in Chicago is mind blowing!! It's not even officially spring yet and we have temps that we normally don't see for atleast two more months! Miles and I stopped at a local deli this afternoon and ate lunch OUTSIDE!! BLESSINGS ALL AROUND!!!!!!!! I am soaking it up, enjoying watching nature as it comes to life and counting the blossoms popping up all around. Life is good!

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