Monday, March 12, 2012


I love to envision what the future holds. It's obsessive at times, but it gets me through the moments that seem to stand still and gives me hope of what is to come!

Next year at this time, my hopeful prayer is that our house will be on the market. That it will sell and that we will move to a home much more suitable to our needs next summer. That would have been a simple reality back when the housing market was booming, we would have gotten atleast $70,000 more than what we paid for this house, according to what the house appraised for back then, and it would have been a nice down payment for our next "upgraded" home. Nowadays, the reality is that I see homes on the market for under what they probably were bought for, and they sit with a sign in the yard. There is a house one block from us, it's a cute little house, been on the market through atleast 3-4 realtors, which if I calculate correctly it's been about a year! These people clearly want to move and it literally hurts me to see the "reduced price" sign go up every so often, because that means, our house will probably not get what we ask or even close, if it sells at all! My sincere hope is that we atleast break even! We bought this house in 2004, this month marks 7 years since we've lived here. 7 YEARS! Al spent 14 months renovating it, blood sweat and tears went into this house, and money too, which we recouped, yet now our mortgage is higher. Story of the housing market right? Yup. If I sit and think of all the realities, my hopes go right down the toilet. But my hopes are still up, I still pray that my wishes are in line with God's will for our family and somehow it all works out. I keep praying that I can put my faith into the plan I've come up with, and that would mean next year, we will move. I want to be excited, I want to be patient because to be honest, if I had my way, our house would be on the market NOW. (Well, 4 years ago, but you know what I mean). In the reality of today's economy next year *should* work. Gives the market one more year to grow a little bit, gives the banks one more year to be a little more giving with loans, and gives us one more year to get our ducks in a row. One more year.

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