Monday, March 12, 2012

Lutheran Schools week

I grew up going to public school, it's a new experience to have a child in a private school. I've noted some differences between public and private schools over the few years Acilia has been in school, last week most of the public schools in the area were taking their standardized tests, something Acilia and her classmates know nothing about. This week, it's our turn to do something public schools don't do...Lutheran Schools Week!! It's such a hustle and bustle type of week with lot's of fun for the kids! There is charity work, themed dress days and Friday, the much anticipated Grandparents/VIP day! This week we look forward to:
Monday: Orange day (different color per grade, Acilia's class is orange, of course the ONE color she didn't have in her wardrobe! Ha! Excuse to shop for an orange shirt!)
Tuesday: Pajama Day
Wednesday: Acilia's favorite for sure "Western Day" she will get to wear her cowgirl boots and cowgirl hat! She will be in her glory!!
Thursday: Hat day along with a field trip to the fairgrounds, I am not sure what exactly they are doing there, but I signed up to drive. I haven't missed a field trip yet! :)
Friday: Dress your best day, kids will host their grandparents/VIP's to the book fair, their classrooms and chapel, then it's early dismissal too!

My favorite week of school for sure!

These are the types of things I will miss when we do finally move and get into a good public school district, I am sure we will find trade offs, one I can think of is being closer to our school, maybe even take advantage of bus service!! The 2 hour a day commute (to school and back in the morning, and then repeat in the afternoon) for school is just a bit time consuming, although I've convinced myself it's SO worth it while we do it, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Acilia's school, and our quality time in the car each day is pretty special too :)

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  1. Wow, I can't believe the driving you do! I'm glad it is worth it. : )


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