Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A God story

I work two days a week, it's a flexible job which works well for when something comes up with the kids, I am able to call off. It works the other way too, the couple I work for, they can and do call off when they need the day. I use my income to pay my mom while she keeps Miles when I am at work and I use some to pay my cleaning lady (A luxury I have recently started due to a GREAT deal and physically not having enough time at home to clean on my own). I usually have some left over to keep in my purse for other things that come up. I count on that money each week but when I take a day off, or they take a day off, I don't get paid.

This morning I opened my email, it seemed they were canceling on me for today due to a schedule conflict. I was really disappointed because my mom and I are going away for the night this weekend and I really need all the extra dollars I can get! Also I had plans to go to lunch with a friend after I worked. Payment from today was going to pay for my lunch.

I was really bummed, but I had a little talk with God and realized I needed to let it go. I can't expect them to be flexible with me, and not offer the same courtesy. I also needed to let go of the disappointment I was feeling. They have no idea how I feel, I have never told them, so I am sure in their busy lives it was no big deal. So I had peace inside of me.

I came home and checked my email where I got another email from them stating something along these lines
"Since the notice was so short, consider today a "paid vacation day"

I was reduced to a puddle of tears!! I immediately praised God for his hand at work. It's always amazing to me when and where and HOW God acts in our lives!!

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