Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh the stress

I am not normally a stressed out kind of girl, but I will tell you (if you didn't already know!) this semester has me stressed!! Each exam comes with a build up of stress alongside it and then when it's over, there is a deep sigh of relief, only to start the build up again for the next test. The week before last week I was having nightmares over my midterms, that week stresses me because in A&P that means two tests in one week. Lord have mercy, they are trying to kill our brains! I muddled my way through that week, with the hope of a "relief sigh" when it was over, but there was no time, I didn't have that "break" after the exams, because it was time to immediately start studying for the next exam, which is tonight. After this test, I won't see test paper in class for almost a month! To say I am looking forward to that relief tonight after the exam is over, is an understatement! The weather has been so gorgeous and I've been so preoccupied with thinking about and preparing for this test that I haven't been able to thoroughly enjoy it! Looking forward to taking this test (just simply to get it over with!) I am taking my brain break seriously and planning relaxing activities like: tomorrow I get to see an old friend for a lunch date and Thursday while Miles is in school, (when I usually sit in my car and study), I get to go to breakfast with my grandma!! Oh the sweet joys!!! Then next week is Spring break, we have a few great things planned like seeing a good friend and her sweet baby boy! I look forward to relaxing and enjoying the free time with the kids!! I feel like it's been ages since I've been able to just breathe and enjoy the moment without a test looming over my head!! The week after the kids have spring break, I have spring break from my class, so there again, will get some time to rest my weary brain, without a night class! After that, it's back in the saddle with study time!! But if I calculate correctly that's a good two and a half weeks of "no school stress!!" YES PLEASE!


  1. you're almost there! Good luck tonight and enjoy your next couple weeks!


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