Monday, February 27, 2012

Rapture of sickness!

Started last Tuesday, I had a cough that morning, it was an abnormal, make you go "hmm?" type of cough. By the afternoon I was feeling achey and chilled. I picked Acilia up after school and when I asked "How was your day?" she said "Not good!" I asked why, she informed me her head had been hurting all day. Both of us came down with a fever that night. Wednesday was spent with Acilia on the couch and me in bed, I don't remember the last time I spent that much time in bed!Thankfully my mom came and took Miles to her house for a few hours, he was relieved too! He's like his momma, doesn't like to sit home for too long! Thursday came, Acilia popped up ready for the day, fever free and back to herself 100% ! Miles had "the cough" ugh, I counted down with him until the fever came, it took all day, but it did come. I was still down for the count, so I placed a Peapod order so we'd have some fresh groceries to munch on as we camped out healing. Friday was my first day out of bed. With lot's of breaks for resting, I still felt so much fatigue. Miles was completely down for the count. He had it the worst. His fever went up to 102.5 at it's highest, where mine never even broke 100. Miles was so sweet, I went over by him periodically to rub his head and cuddle a bit, he wouldn't talk but he would wiggle his chubby little fingers to my arm or my leg and pat it lovingly. Broke and melted my heart all at the same time! :*)

Saturday came, Miles was feeling a little more perky, but the end of the day he was off the couch completely and playing quietly. Sunday he was back to himself, along with a few crabby whiney moments, but overall he was back! Today Acilia finally went back to school, Miles took a nose dive for the worse. He was growing lethargic as the day went on and I opted to have him take a nap. His temp returned this afternoon. I am so bummed, was hoping this week could be normal, I have midterms next week, need every free moment to study after missing class last week! Little Miles man has a birthday to celebrate on Wednesday! I pray he's back to himself by then so he can enjoy his first REAL birthday!! I have an appointment for him in a little bit, I don't often take my kids to the doctor, we are more the homeopathic route, but I find it strange that a fever is gone for more than 24 hours then returns, so I am ruling out a secondary type infection! Wish us luck, as much as I hate antibiotics, if he's going to have to get them, I'd like to get them started so his chances of feeling good on his birthday are higher!!

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