Thursday, February 23, 2012

It is upon us

You may or may not recall that I have a son that was born on Leap Day! Cool story indeed! I can't help but find it fun that we are celebrating his 1st birthday this year. First REAL calendar birthday. We have a first birthday planned for him at a cute little place called Fire Zone, not a place I would hold a 1 year old's birthday but totally appropriate for a 4 year old's birthday don't you think? :) All of our family and close friends are invited and it's going to be a party I hope he remembers for many years. IF the party happens. It's scheduled for this Saturday, Acilia and I have been down with a virus (cough, headache, fever, fatigue) since Tuesday. Acilia is feeling much better today (Praise God!!) I am feeling about 50% better, we are praying Miles doesn't get it. If he gets it the party will not go on, if anyone else isn't up to it, the party still goes on! It's like a bride on the wedding day, you can't have a wedding without the bride and groom right? Random analogy, I can blame it on snot brain!

Well, anyway, I know time flies, but the day Miles was born, his first "real" birthday seemed so far off, now it's here, 4 years later, we are counting down to the 29th and looking forward to having lot's of fun with our crazy, loving, crazy, social, crazy, handsome, crazy, friendly, crazy, fun little boy!!

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