Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy heart

Today was a special day. As Al and I sat on the side lines of Acilia's first ever cheerleading game, I had so many sweet emtions passing through me. The memory of being in her place, saying the same cheers that she had learned. The memories of watching games as a child. The memories of being in grade school. The thoughts of the future flooded me, the thoughts that one day maybe Miles will choose a sport that he likes and Al and I can sit on the sidelines watching him play too. The future of Acilia enjoying many years of cheerleading, just like I did. And the future of Al and I sitting on the sidelines just taking in the gifts God has given to our children to enjoy! I have waited so patiently for this day. The day that my daughter would want to be a cheerleader. I have never pushed her to be something she was not, but I secretly hoped that one day she would want to be a cheerleader. There is so much about cheerleading that I really love, the uniforms, the pep, the games, the friendship, the spirit, the cheers, the jumps, the everything. Now my daughter has chosen to be a cheerleader. Today was the first game of the season, her first ever time cheering aside from practice, and she thoroughly enjoyed it! She's been showing us cheers, she's growing in confidence and she is melting her momma's heart!


  1. I'm confused. Where's the black and gold?

  2. That's for Panthers, the girls are technically signed up for poms this season for basketball, even though they do the job of cheerleaders! So it's just "Carol Stream Park District" So confusing :)


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