Sunday, February 12, 2012

One word; little update

Patience is my word for 2012, I am full of impulse, it's my nature, so I felt it was important to bring it down a few levels and focus on patience. I've been hot to move from the house we live in since Miles was born. He is going to be 4 in a few short weeks. The entire time, I've been pushing to move, without logic. Without a plan. Let's just find a house and then figure out how to sell our's type of mentality. That's all backwards and clearly it hasn't worked, considering we sit here, 4 years later, still in the same place. In true patience fashion, I've stepped back a little and tried to bring some logic in to the mix. Thinking about what's our best option for this time in our life. A plan is imperative, you can pray over it, you can save for it, you can prepare for it. Now with a clearer head, I can see there is a possibility that I have figured it all out to work and to officially put our house up for sale in exactly one year. This plan makes sense from all angles and I have asked God to allow me to put my faith in this plan. In the meantime, I have to have patience. The impulsive part of me is going nuts, but the planner and logical side is thrilled to finally have a plan. A real plan, not a rushed, make this work type of plan.

On the note of patience, I am really struggling to get through my A&P requirements. I am in the second semester of a two semester class so I am well over half way done and can put this class behind me, but each and every class is a challenge. It's a Tuesday/Thursday night class and the exams are pure torture!! As I work through it though, I find a little more peace, a little more achievement in my heart. It is taking my patience in the process to stick it out and remember the goal that is at stake. Nursing school next year won't happen unless I work my way through the mud when it comes. It's taking lot's of patience.

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