Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trouble in the name of fashion

I am kind of embarrassed to admit that Acilia got in "trouble" (her term; not mine) at school due to my style choice for her at school.

I buy clothes for my kids. I take great pleasure in purchasing outfits that are cute and stylish and (especially for Acilia) shoes that work with all the outfits. We have play shoes, dress shoes, "style" shoes and then of course "practical" shoes that I usually buy but they stay pretty new. Practical and shoes don't really work together in my vocabulary. I am one that will wear 4 inch heels as I chase after Miles. I am thanking the good Lord that there are such desirable choices for shoes these days that are *gasp* FLAT! Acilia and I have a matching pair of gladiator sandals. I get great joy out of clothes and looking put together :)

mommy/daughter matching shoes
Well, Acilia goes to school where uniforms are declared. It's a "loose" policy; she can wear any solid color collared shirt and any solid color pants as long as they are not jeans. Then we have "casual" days where we can choose anything to wear within the limits of a few rules to keep the clothing appropriate. Back to shoes, when we have casual dress days, I use that as my guideline to have the shoes less practical and more stylin' :)
Well; my stylin' choice was not appreciated by her teacher yesterday. She mentioned to Acilia that the shoes she had on were not allowed to be worn at school. Acilia came out with a glum face not very happy with me that *I* had been the one to get her into trouble. Oops! I had some explaining to do to make things right with Acilia and I believe I should pull out the dress code guidelines so my darling daughter is not the rule breaker in class.
looks like we will be wearing "practical" more often :/


  1. I wish my kids went to school there.. we have a dress code, but the school does not enforce it. I am the bad guy all the time with "no you may not wear your yellow box flip flops to school" but everyone else does... ( sigh) what is a mom to do???

  2. LOL! I guess breaking the rules is the only option ;) In all seriousness though, I know what you mean about "being the bad guy"'s a tough part of the mom job!

  3. I love the gladiator sandals. Yes, sometimes you have to break the rules in order to look cute! Happy weekend!

  4. ah. she's got many years ahead of her to be the fashionista she's destined to be... :)


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