Friday, May 20, 2011

Credit where it's due

Let me begin this post by stating; I am not writing this to pat myself on the back. I deep down; whole heartedly feel I had nothing to do with what took place today.  I merely opened myself up to allow God to use me as a tool...

Driving through Wheaton today I had a craving for a Graham's chocolate shake. I passed a man that was clearly homeless. His belongings in garbage bags. He had a jacket on unzipped with his bare chest revealed. It was 76 degrees today; so it was by no means cold enough to wear a coat. He had on ripped jeans that he was holding up with one hand. I immediately lost my desire for a leisurely visit to Graham's. Instead my heart was screaming to help this man. Clear as day I had a conversation inside my mind that went "how do I help this man?" "Simple, he needs a shirt!" I started on a mission to find him a shirt and belt. Downtown Wheaton has many shops and I had about 15 minutes before having to pick Acilia up from school. Stopped in one store, they had no shirts. Stopped in a resale shop and scored a Ralph Lauren shirt for $4! I was disappointed there were no belts; only suspenders. (I passed on those!). I took the shirt up to the register paid my $4 and headed out; I was praying the man would be in the same place I had seen him about 10 minutes before; but he was near a bus stop so I really thought there was a chance he would be gone. My adrenaline fluttered when I saw he was still there. I pulled into the 7-11 nearby, grabbed the shirt, got out and walked up to him. I found myself asking God "Am I am really doing this?" "Yes, Karrie you are." "Ok then, guess I'm doing this!" I said to the man "excuse me sir? excuse me" then I handed him the shirt and said "here you go" and walked away. That was it. Mission complete. Times like these I've come to reflect how awkward it seems to someone that just doesn't understand. To me, it's not about understanding, it's about listening to my heart and allowing God to give His messages. Some things make more sense than others, some things are just common decency. Other things leave me wondering how and why I got involved. Overall, I can walk away from the situation comforted knowing I have done what God has called me to do. No need for an explanation, just excitement that I am his tool!!


  1. Good for you for not ignoring the call to help. It is so much easier to ignore than to act.

  2. What a joy to leisten to the LOrd's calling and responding... Love this story.. and I wanna be like you!


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