Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stand; don't sit

I am a big fan of exercise built into the day, I am not one to carve out time to exercise and the few times I have attempted to change that, it lasts a few weeks then it falls by the wayside. That's why I find simple, effective ideas that are built right into my day to be far more substantial! I read an article this morning and a few things mentioned were enough to motivate me to share my thoughts on the subject.
Want the read the article? Here it is: 8 tips Your Welcome...

I have some "bulge" around the middle and it seems to be growing by the day. The last few days especially I've been finding it incredibly exhausting to do something that normally happens naturally; suck in the gut!! I keep thinking to myself; something changed. Get on the scale, haven't gained weight, but something is different. Well; I am mortified to admit I have been indulging in Einstein's new pretzel bagels about 4-5 days a week. (GASP!) When I read in the 8 tips that "Bagels aren't for thin people" I had an epiphany. You can bet I will be noting that as my mantra in the coming weeks as I work to come off my nasty new bagel habit! I can't believe I just wrote that out for everyone to read, but guess what; accountability is the first step!

Something I have taken part in for years is the "stairs instead of escalator" mindset. I park in the farther spots when I go out; I take the stairs; I do squats while I brush my's an easy calorie burner! I once read something on a poster in the gym that said "Your body doesn't know how you are moving; it just knows you are moving" that rings true for me and goes along with my build it into the day mindset. A few extra steps, standing up straight, random squat sets; they all help! They all add up. My problem though is so do the little extra hershey kisses I sneak in throughout the day. Works both ways my friends!

Another few points that I enjoyed in the 8 tips article is to stand instead of sit. You can believe I pushed my chair aside and am standing as I type this. It's hard to stand still though so there are calf steps and arabesques as I am standing here. Along with the random squat or jump! :) I'm a sight to see right now; but I bet I've burned a good 50 calories and stretched my muscles in a way they appreciate!

Speaking of stretching. Big fan of that too! My favorite is neck rolls. It feels so good and I can feel the stretch all the way down my back.

I've got to admit there is so much joy in a good walk or bike ride with my kids, so I can't say that I rely 100% on the above listed methods, but a healthy balance is ideal.

8 tips goes on to list bloat reducing foods; asparagus, lemon, cucumber among those listed. And green tea is a must! (Will need to add that to my daily drinks, maybe it can eventually replace my daily diet coke fix!)

Green tea with a side of  "stand; don't sit" anyone?

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  1. I try to do these things too (as much as possible). I also love my gym time. I look forward to getting it all out while I'm there. I don't know about the green tea though. I have tried several times, but I just can't adapt to the taste.


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