Monday, May 2, 2011

Old home Joys

Old homes are great.
Old homes are unique.
Old homes have nooks and crannies you'd never expect to meet!
Old homes have charm
Old homes are worn
Old homes often times are not the norm.
Old homes need work
Old homes they creak.
Old homes the paint chips,
Old homes are anything but weak!
Old homes are built with utmost care
built to last, even with wear and tear!
The owners of old homes work hard to keep them up
Old homes are work
Old homes have cracks
Old homes have patches in the plaster.
Some old homes are a sheer disaster.
Old homes beg for a little TLC
Old homes make you wonder; what's the story?

Old homes are always one of a kind
The woodwork hand stained, not of the manufactured kind
The materials look as though they have been gathered by hand
Limestone, stucco, wood, brick
Each placed piece by piece; preserving the land.

Old homes are special.
Old homes are comfort
Old homes bring forth a sense of history
Some stories left to be a mystery.
Written in honor of our old home

We live in an old home. When we bought this house 6 years ago, we decided it needed some work. We walked into a renovation that would take 15 months to complete. And an "old home" that was now modernized with updated electric and plumbing. Vaulted ceilings and crown molding! I had always wanted to live in an old home "they are so charming". I am not sure I will want to live in an old home again, however the experience hasn't been bad by any means. It's just "interesting". Have you ever tried to put a nail into a plaster wall? Well, you will find that nails and plaster don't mix. I am pretty sure I've never met a plaster wall that hasn't defeated me. Have you ever had a floor that if you sit on a chair with wheels, you end up in a different spot than when you sat down. Yes, gravity and wheels, don't mix! Have you ever been able to put magnets on your kitchen ceiling? The ceiling is OH SO COOL but it's tin. They don't make tin ceilings nowadays. So you won't find that in every home you go to!
Have you ever seen a "dome" in a basement and wondered the heck IS that?? I wondered the same when we toured this house and I discovered the fact I was sort of "creeped" to ask what it was, because it looked a LOT more scary than something that collects storm water! Drafts in old homes are unbelievable!! You could be sitting in your kitchen next to a door that's closed yet still feel as though you are outside! There are creaks and squeaks, you become accustomed to hearing them. There are things in the home that are original to the home, but you would pay thousands for if you request them in a new home. It's all part of the charm!
I am so grateful I have had the chance to live in an old home. It's the only way I could truly appreciate what an old home offers! And truly be ok with living in something a little newer! :)

I wood burned and stained this plaque for Al when he completed renovation on our home.
It hangs in our back entry way. To remind us how much work an old home is, but how rewarding it can be!

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