Saturday, April 24, 2010

How did you get into the business?

I am invigorated and inspired and have real excitement inside of me!! Can you say that about your job?
I will be honest and say the title of this post is a bit off. You see, I am not exactly in the business yet. Heading that way, but not official.
Did you read this post yet? It is partner to the post I am writing now.
Every tale begins with a story. How did you get started? What spoke to you in a way that you were intrigued? I was sitting at a seminar last night, listening to the stories of these ladies up on stage, and I was flabbergasted at the signs that were telling me that *this* is my calling as a new endeavor!

It started a little over a month ago. A cousin of mine invited me to a spa party. How many times have you attended a spa party, or some other party that you went with intentions of hoping you like something enough so you could support the host? I have always gone to these parties with an open mind, and lo and behold something always caught my interest enough to want to purchase. Except once. It was jewelry. Another story for another day :)
I went to this spa party, alone. That's always a task. It's more comfortable to go with a friend. I spent time with my cousins, everyone there, I was related to; yet I felt like an outsider. It was ok, I have learned to be anywhere and just soak up the surroundings. Let God speak to me, to remind me why I am where I am at that very moment.
The spa festivities began and the product was nice. I enjoyed the night, and when I left, I had a little spark inside that had been ignited. I can tell you what it was. It was the list of ingredients that don't belong in your products. (I listed the ingredients in this post) It hit me like a ton of bricks!! I went home and immediately started looking at the list of ingredients on each of my products, and wouldn't you know, atleast one off the list was included on each and every one!
It's in "fashion" these days to be more green, to take better care of your "whole self". Most companies are out to make money. This company was different. They are out to make a mark. They are out to inspire, they are out to put only pure products on the pages of their catalogue. That speaks volumes to me! I immediately called the consultant that was at the party that night (also a cousin of mine) and let her know my interest was peaked, what else could I learn about it?? She invited me to a seminar. The clincher was it wasn't for a month! Anyone that knows me, knows I am rather impulsive! I get excited about things, then as time passes, it tapers off. A month is a long time, but I put it on my calendar and vowed to make it! The month passed, and I will admit I wasn't nearly as excited when the time came to go to the seminar, but I went anyway. I got there when I was told to get there, I looked all around me and soaked it all in. I met with my cousin, the consultant who had invited me. She showed me to the seats that had been saved for us. We sat in the second row. I had no idea the buzz that was made around the speaker for the evening. I had no idea who she was, no idea what she looked like. No idea that she happened to be sitting RIGHT in front of me with her husband. No idea that when she shook my hand that it would mean so much more after I heard her speak. Ah, the joys of hindsight :)
The seminar began with three ladies that went up on stage. It was a mom and two daughters. The mom began speaking. She stated what her life was like 6 years ago. (Pre Arbonne changing her life) She was living in "hunter's land" wearing overalls and birkenstocks. Using bar soap for cleanser. She was skeptical when Arbonne was introduced to her, she made a joke that she lived amonst hunters, how could she possibly sell them lipstick?! Reminded me of my dear mother, who is skeptical down to every pore! The two daughters spoke up about their skepticism as well. One of the daughters entertained me; she mis-spoke a few times, causing the audience to laugh. Her quirks with speaking showed we had some similarities! She teared up when she talked about the day she brought her first born daughter home. 11 months earlier she was working multiple jobs to provide for herself and her husband. They were regularly eating tuna for dinner because that's all they could afford! Perspective came when she brought her daughter home in a white Mercedes. (One of the perks of Arbonne, you can earn a Mercedes of your choice!) Skepticism doesn't get you the things that releasing fear gets you. Next came the speaker of the night. Rita Davenport. Look her up! She's got multiple inspirational books, she has a list a mile long of credentials and she has been a part of Arbonne for 23 years.
Rita began speaking and I was immediately captivated by her speaking talents! She had gotten the attention of the entire room with her quick wit and stories! She didn't even skip a beat when there was an emergency in the audience. Someone passed out and she immediately changed tune; asked everyone to remain in their seats calm and pray. That brought her to a whole new level of connection for me. I respect so much when someone is able to boldly declare their heart in a tender moment.
After the emergency, I was so impressed with the ice breaker! Rita shared a personal story with us all about a time that she broke her arm in a store. The paramedics were called and she noted how it's impossible to find a medic who is not good looking! One of them asked her what she does for a living. She felt that cute medic boy wouldn't know what "Arbonne was" so she let him know she's an exotic dancer. Whoa good laugh from the crowd on that one! Good answer!! Gonna need to remember that one in the future! She said she had great support from all the medics and highly recommended using that line in the future! Brought us back to why we were there, such a great segway. The rest of her talk left me tearing up numerous times, not because I was sad, but because I was so sure I was in the exact right place. All the things that have been happening recently, have left me feeling as though my life has a lot of changes coming. Many of which are out of my control. I had control over that night. I had chosen to be there, and I am choosing to move forward on this adventure, because I feel deep down it's something worth believing can change my life.

I furiously took notes, trying to soak it all in. I leave you now with a few great quotes that I was able to take away from the evening!

"Never be too big. Never be too little"
"If you keep doing what you are doing, you are going to keep getting what you are getting"
"There is a four letter word for someone that says "no" to you- N E X T!"
"Make more to give more"
"Get your ASK in gear!"

I ask you to dare to dream! Dare to claim a future that you can really be proud of. Hard work will pay off. Will Arbonne be for you? I can be confident you will find a product you like. I hope that you get from it, what I have gotten from it! It's not just lipstick, it's a community of people that want to help you succeed!!
I absolutely can not wait to be a part of this!

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