Friday, April 23, 2010

Did I tell you I write poetry?

It's been ages since I've been inspired to write a poem. A very very very dear friend of mine was pregnant and miscarried. I've been thinking about her, praying for her, and was also inspired to write this:

The road twists and turns
the hills, the ebbs, the flows.
know that every step
there is God who knows just what you need,
happy times, hard times.
days that seem like they couldn't possibly get worse
nights that are endless with thought, worry, nightmares
sun will shine, just wait it out
there is a day that will bring no doubts.
dear friend you know I am always here
to lend a shoulder, or listening ear.
so rest comforted and surrounded by love
You will find peace from up above.


  1. Well you certainly haven't lost your talent for writing poetry. This is a beautiful thoughtful poem. I got comforted while I read it.

  2. Karrie - this is a beautiful poem. Thank you so much for all your support the last few days. I appreciate it more than you know...I am so lucky to have wonderful friends and family through all of this.

  3. You get what you give Nena!!! You are a great friend, you deserve great friends!


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