Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ahhhh, sweet signs of God all around

We have been agonizing over the last few weeks! Last time I posted about Acilia and school, it was pretty apparent we had a plan that was set to move forward. Well, that plan shattered when we decided public school is not for us. Ugh! Journey of exploration begins! It's not just as simple as finding a new school, it's also finding a match for Al from the church angle. I will lovingly say he is not a church goer. I can't blame him. I spent the better part of my life getting nothing out of going to church. I get it. I am 100% different now!! The Holy Spirit has touched my heart, and I actually count down to church day!! I love it, I get a lot from it, and it's actually FUN! I want for Al to be touched the same way I have, because of that, we are exploring other churches in the area. Seeing if anything tickles his heart.
We found a school a little further away than where Acilia attends now, but really, we liked everything we saw!! We visited a church service there as a family and it felt great to be there as a part of the congregation! Something has been holding us back from going and giving the registration check though, so I was committed to exploring all options. Thinking. Thinking. Visiting. Visiting. Agonizing. Agonizing. Discouraging. Discouraging. Praying. Praying.
Today I met with my Pastor. It's always great to meet with him, he gives me great clarity. As much as my meeting helped, I left thinking I was going to have to visit MORE schools in the area, and I just wasn't feeling up to that!! I am confused enough! Adding to the confusion was scary!
Today was a good day, but in the back of my mind, as always, thoughts were stirring. What to do. What to do. More praying. I even talked to my mom a little bit about how hard a decision like this is. I mean, this is our daughter's future! We want it to be a long term decision. I even fretted over the fact that just last year, I was agonizing over whether to stay in my marriage (seriously!) and now, we are agonizing over another H U G E decision! I was complaining about how my mind needs a break!

God blessed us tonight with a clear sign. We have officially been called to this new church and school. Wow!

I went out tonight to a talent show at St. John. Fun night!! Great talent! Al was out too, he was working though, so we had a sitter for Miles so he could get to bed on time. I come home with Acilia to find paperwork for St. John's (church we visited). I didn't give it much though, I thought it was something Al had found in his pile of paperwork and wanted me to do something with it. I go upstairs to greet Al, he asked me if I noticed the loaf of bread sitting on the counter? Hmmmm, come to think of it, I did notice it. He said while our babysitter was here, someone from a church came to our door and gave it to us (take eat, this is the body of Christ) we were also given some brochures, etc. to inform us about the church. I told Al this may be the sign we have been waiting for! We went downstairs in full agreement that if it was from the church we were thinking it was from, then our decision has been clearly made for us, and we know where we are meant to be. Sure enough, it was from the church we had visited. God Speaks!

No more agonizing, no more thinking, no more searching, no more confusion!! A direct answer. We have found our new school. Praise God! Thank you! Amen!


  1. Karrie - are you talking about St. John's in Lombard? Even though we went to St. Pius, we always spent just as much time at St. John's since that was my Dad's church. Definitely a great congregation/school! Congrats on making a decision!

  2. Amy!!! I have been meaning to get ahold of your dad to talk to him :) I am sure his experiences there will be invaluable!! Thanks for your input!


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