Friday, April 23, 2010


Stop what you are doing, and pick up some of the products that you use, whether you put them on your face (cosmetics, cleansers, lotions) or use them on your skin, or ingest them....
Read the ingredients. If any of the products you are using have the ingredients listed below in them. Stop using them! They are damaging your skin! I have in my possession the knowledge to share about why these ingredients do *not* belong on your body or worse IN your body, and what you can use instead!!

List of "NO NO" ingredients:
Mineral Oil
Mineral oil is the stabilizing ingredient of many skin formulas. Mineral oil forms a film on the skin, blocking the pores and interfering with normal skin respiration. It may therefore, not only dry the skin, but also be a contributing cause of blemishes!!

Petroleum products do not penetrate the skin, but sit on the surface blocking natural respiration, excretion, and absorption of other nutrients.

Beeswax is a sticky sealant. It attracts pollutants, dirt and bacteria and glues them onto the skin as it seals the pores.

Solvent alcohol
(propyl, isopropyl, SD alcohol.) The alcohols are very drying to the skin.

An oily excretion of sheep, lanolin is a common lubricating ingredient in skin formulas. Extracted from the wool, lanolin has been indicated as a cause of allergic skin reactions in sensitive people.

An animal product. Collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the skin and can therefore clog pores, and in some cases, cause allergic reactions.

Artificial colors
Formulated chemically from a wide variety of sources, artificial colors are known to cause allergic reactions in some people.

Artificial fragrances
Chemical fragrances have been known to create allergic skin reactions and photosensitivity in some people

Animal products
Animal products are NOT used in ARBONNE SKIN CARE!

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