Friday, March 5, 2010

A note on apologies?

Our class theme for Monday night was "How well do you apologize?" That's a loaded question. On the surface it may seem there is absolutely no issue at all apologizing when you have done something wrong, but when someone brings to your attention the importance of apologies and doing them right, suddenly they seem a tad less easy!
Acilia has been running late for school in the mornings. I have been frustrated by our morning routine, and even last week I changed my alarm clock to go off 10 minutes sooner. To my dismay, that wasn't solving the problem. Yesterday morning, was no different, we found ourselves rushing out the door and I just don't like to rush my child out the door when she will be away from home all day. In our last few moments together before she is away from me all day, I would like for us to be "zen" :) My patience was tested and I lost it (my patience, not my mind). I try to keep my cool, but of course the week of "apologies" was the perfect week to lose patience, because with impatience, should come apologies.
We are in the car on our way, Acilia is in the backseat eating her breakfast, I am listening to music attempting to stifle the guilt in my mommy mind for getting irritated with my little girl 5 minutes earlier. Guilt got the best of me and I turned the radio down "Acilia"..."what mom?" "I am sorry I lost my patience with you" "I am sorry I lost my patience with you"...I giggled. My daughter had just repeated my apology to me! Reason being? I tend to give her words when she needs to apologize to someone, so she thought I was telling her what to say, as she apologized to me! I giggled some more and said "No sweetie, I am apologizing to you,for losing my patience. No need to repeat me" she then giggled and said "Oh, well I am sorry too" :)
Sweet zen back again!

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