Monday, February 22, 2010

Fond memories formed

Last weekend, Acilia's school hosted a "Daddy * Daughter Dance". Last year was the first she ever attended, and due to the health issues Al was dealing with, he was unable to take her. We were so thankful to Al's brother who stepped in and took his niece to the dance so she wouldn't miss out.
This year, was different. Al is healthy and strong and he eagerly took his place as the "daddy" who would take his sweet "daughter" to the dance. They got dressed up nice, Acilia wore her Christmas dress, and Al wore his suit with a "tie" per Acilia's request. :*)
They set out for the night and danced away! They both really enjoyed themselves!!


  1. teared up on this one...mostly because of Al's health right now! I remember last year how special it was that Joe went with ere. How special, what a great memory for Cya and all the little girls who were there with their dads. They both look so cute all dressed up! Awwww.

  2. This is what it's all about!! Life is good!! :)

  3. That is too sweet! So glad he was able to accompany her this year. :)


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