Monday, March 29, 2010

God shows yet another new path....

Just when we thought we had settled in to our "goal" for the next few years, we are being led another direction.
Registration packets for next year went out about a week ago. I noticed no discounts listed. We count on those discounts. I use them as my pursuasion for Al to continue sending Acilia there. He is not at all fond of paying tuition, so when you save $750 bucks it helps the cause!! Well....turns out no discounts listed was no mistake. The discounts I was able to utilize the last two years, have been taken away due to making better financial sense for the school. I have my issues with that, I will share them with the school, but in short, I see members of the church getting quite a bit off of regular tuition, and to me I see *that* being more of an issue than my modest discount. Humble opinion of course. It seems as though I will need to be content with the fact that Acilia will be finishing up the school year at St. John, (the school that we adore) and then moving on to a new school next year. We were so blessed knowing how well she does at St. John and how much the school enriched our lives. Onward though, can't dwell in the the past. The school she will be attending starting next year; is none other than the school *I* attended at her age. Kinda cool right??
Life changing though. Our original plan was to stay at this house for 3 more years (Miles would then be going to kindergarten and we would be in a new home in the desired district for him to attend). Since the new situation with sending Acilia to the desired district school has fast forwarded, we must fast forward as well. God blessed me with the idea of renting our house out. I have done some reading up on the subject, and it may even be a good financial move for us!
It's just a little bit unsettling considering we had thought 3 years was good, and now we have basically sliced the time in half. I guess nothing can be left undone when your kids are the priority right? God is with us on this one. I pray and trust we are making the right decisions!

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