Friday, March 26, 2010


1st graders have come a long way.
Now a days, they aren't just learning the alphabet and how to form the letters.
They are learning to R-E-A-D.
Not just reading simple sentences such as; "The cat is black."
Detailed and descriptive sentences like; "There once was a boy named Marlon, he skipped to school everyday!"
Not just reading the words, but expressing where punctuation is present.!!
I adore the fact that my daugther Acilia has insisted the last few nights, that reading to herself after we tuck her in will help her fall asleep.
It's to be expected a book or two would be found on her bed left open; from when her eyes fluttered closed for the night.
Imagine my intense delight when I came into her room last night a bit after she had dozed off, to this:

Precious right??


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