Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blogging world

I just recently had a taste of what blogging world provides. Many people have no idea what blogging even is, others do have an idea and they turn their noses up at it. Letting people into your life. Sharing details that in some opinions should be kept inside and not public. I find blogs that I am drawn to and read about the lives of people I most likely will never meet. I become attached to these people and am touched by the stories. Stellan, a little boy who was born with a heart condition was miraculously cured a few months ago. My how his life has been changed for the better! Angie's blog, a mother who lost a child only hours after being born and is now pregnant again. I follow a blog of a husband, who's wife has cystic fibrosis and now, another newly discovered blog about a girl in her 20's named Eva. She is literally on her last days of life; yet takes the time to blog and video and these words and images will forever be cherished by her family! These stories are meant to be shared. These stories are meant to shape the hearts and lives of others. There is a reason why blogging has become a normal part of life, whether you write, or you just read. Some will never understand it, however, I am glad I am not one of those people!
Someday my story will touch someone else, and I will be glad to have shared that treasure.

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