Monday, February 22, 2010

Material things vs. words

It's always nice to get a gift. I love opening them, or picking them. I love the thought behind them, I love giving them!! I love getting them too :) But you know what's better than a gift, words. Words spoken in a complimentary way. Words from the kindest part of the heart. Words that change your life. Words are free, words are true, words can be spoken at any time. They are words, they are a part of our life that can make us smile, they are part of life that can make us cry. They are powerful!
Very recently, Al used words to hurt me. He cut through me like a knife with his words and it slashed me to my core. Things have changed dramatically and I couldn't feel more blessed!
Christmas time he bought me a great camera! One I chose, I love it!
The other day he bought me a car. I adore these material things that he has gifted me with, they are afterall, really nice. I can sit here and type about how nice they are, but they are just material possessions. They can't fulfill me on an emotional level like words can. Words are powerful afterall. So when I went online yesterday, and came came across the status update that Al had typed on Facebook, my heart melted with surprise and delight! He had posted something so loving about me that I couldn't even form words in response. He typed about how excited he was to have the "sweetest, kindest and most giving wife in he world" and then thanked me.
He can buy me everything out there, but he could never touch me as much as he did with those words. I truly feel loved!

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