Saturday, February 6, 2010

To work out means to....

Have your body not very happy with you! I started working out again this past week. It's been far too long and with 20 extra pounds lingering since having Miles, I believe it's time :) I am blessed to have a workout partner a few days a week. My good friend Liza has the perfect set up in her basement. An area for us to workout to the videos she has, and on the other side of the basement is another TV along with every toy you can think of for our boys to play while our girls are at school! So, the *goal* is to workout with Liza three days a week, and on my own at home 2 days a week. Weekends are built in to be "rest time" but I will probably end up doing various stretching exercises and maybe a few little maintenance tone ups to keep my routine moving smoothly :)
It's been a good week, I've already sweat WAY more than I like (good sign right??) and each muscle in my body hates me!! And, who's counting (I am) I lost a pound!


  1. WTG!! It's not easy getting work-outs in with two little ones, I know!

  2. Yeah, that's why naptime is key! Ha ha!! Even when we are at my friend's house, and the boys have lot's to play with, they still make their way over a few times to set us off the track of motivation! Hee hee!


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