Thursday, January 28, 2010

You capture! - Faces



Get up close and show us some cute, handsome, stubbly, soft-skinned, furry, adorable, beautiful faces! Even yours, if you’d like!

I got a few great shots, Miles my son, Franko my dog (Black and White) Acilia my daughter and Remo (Cream colored poodle) OH! And one of me, with some baby chicks on my shoulders :) Enjoy!


  1. Love the facial expression of Miles in that first photo. You got some great shots! The kiss and the chick photos are great.

  2. Love these, expecially the way you captured the shadows in the kiss photo and the painted face!

  3. Thank you Melissa! The kiss photo was one of the fabulous "extendoarm" shots! Gotta love having long arms! Ha ha!

  4. what a great collection of sweet faces! i kow they are all sooo special to you :). love those last 2 especially!

    i have a face shot posted, too. feel free to come over and visit anytime :)

  5. Those darling little lips! and her gorgeous smile:)!


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