Friday, January 29, 2010

The joys of having a toddler!

My little boy is so sweet and content by nature. We've been blessed to have him. In a few short weeks we will be entering the "2" stage and though we have seen glimmers of what's to come (tantrums, deciding to do something even though he was told NO, you know the "2 year old" things) I still believe that there will always be glimmers of his sweetness. Miles is speaking pretty much constantly now and I love listening to him put words together in his own language!
Cuck= Truck
Lub wew= Love you
Deeda = Daddy
Nunu where are you?= Where is my pacifier
Arf arf = dog
the one that melts my heart the most, is
Teek you mama = Thank you Momma. Even at the tender age of "almost 2" this child is displaying graciousness and to be honest, I am going to soak it up while I can, because I know not shortly after this sweet stage comes to "I won't say thank you even if you beg me" stage!
Miles passes the time playing with his Thomas and friends train set, reading books & pointing out any and all airplanes, trucks, cars, busses, etc! He laughs when he hears the adults laugh, he sings along when he hears music and he values his independence as he goes off and plays on his own!


  1. he sounds a lot like bryan. bryan got his first trains today, he's in heaven

  2. He will be entertained for hours in the future!! I am sure of it if his love is as true as what Miles has for trains! LOL!


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