Thursday, January 14, 2010

Full circle

Today is a full circle sort of day. January 14th. The day of Al's first kidney transplant. 18 years ago. Today is the day Al goes into surgery again. The last step in this transplant. Removing his dialysis catheter. His lifeline while on dialysis will be taken out. It's amazing yet again to me how something that kept him alive for three plus years, is no longer needed. He has a working kidney in his body and it's working so well for him, he no longer needs dialysis to keep him alive. He has not used that dialysis catheter since the night of December 2nd. The night before his transplant. Now, it's the day to bid a proper farewell to dialysis for what we hope and pray is many many MANY years!

Al is having surgery today, he will be put under and they will make an incision to remove the peritoneal tube that was inserted in his belly for him to perform nightly dialysis. The tube was what Al used to connect himself to the machine that sat next to his side of the bed, that he would be attached to for 12 hours each and every night. This tube when not in use would need to be coiled and taped to his skin. He couldn't swim, the kids couldn't jump on their daddy in fear of "grabbing or ripping" his tube. He will be free! No tube means diving into a pool head first with no worries! No tube means his can pick the kids up and have tickle wars with them with no worries! No tube means no more restrictions! No more tape, just enjoying life!

This is a good day :)

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