Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mother=Best Friend

A friend of mine lost her mom to brain cancer on the first of the year. It hurts to see a friend of yours going through such pain and loss. It hurts even more, when that person viewed their mother as their best friend. That hits too close to home for me. MY mom is MY best friend, and I have at times taken that for granted. God has a way of using others as a way of opening our eyes to what we have in OUR lives. I hate that it took a friend of mine losing her own mother, her own best friend, to see that my friendship with my mom shall not be taken for granted.
I must say, it also makes me fearful. Fearful of losing my mom. It could happen. It would be awful, I don't know how I would go on. My friend is living that exact nightmare, and it's my duty as her friend to comfort her. She lost her mom. I have my mom, I will always think of this time as a reason to not ever take my days spent with my mom as anything less than a special gift!

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