Sunday, January 10, 2010

He is 91 today

My grandfather turned 91 today. Last year, was his milestone 90th birthday. Last year was also his last birthday spent here with us. He spends this birthday in Heaven and although I have a sneaking suspicion that Heaven is worlds better than we can even imagine, we still miss him here. 90 years with us, didn't seem long enough. He was such a beautiful testament to living a Godly life.
We chose to celebrate his life today. My family and extended family met with Grandma at their church in Addison for the 9am service and then we went to breakfast as a restaurant that he and my grandma went to often. Grandpa surely would have been happy with the way we honored him today.

The pictures below are from Grandpa's 90th birthday. We had an open house type celebration at my aunt and uncle's house. He was surrounded by his family and friends and the joy on his face in these pictures are a great way to remember him!

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  1. Awww Happy Birthday In heaven to your Granpa!!

    Hugs to you!



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