Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You capture! - Color

The challenge:
Show us some color during these bleak winter months! Extra credit if you can find it outside.

Outside shots first :)

And moving indoors....

I am blessed to have a bright cheery room in my house, my daughter's room! Infact, when we first painted, looking at the bright green walls with absolutely nothing else in the room, some even joked about needing sunglasses! :)


  1. Your daughter's room is adorable, I love all the butterflies! My son's room is actually a similar color (while I still have a say lol), only a shade lighter.
    I love the shot of the giant Christmas lights.

  2. Thank you!!! It helps to have bright colors on the walls! I grew up in a house that had all white walls, so I wanted to experiment with colors when we moved!

  3. You got the extra credit -- way to go! And I love the magenta orchid -- beautiful!

  4. The first picture is wonderful! I love the fuzzy colors and the icicles.
    The color of your daughter's room is almost the color of my youngest's room. It always lifts my spirits.
    Thanks for sharing!


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