Saturday, March 9, 2013

Soooo close

This winter was a mild one, so they say. Yes we still had 70 degree days in DECEMBER, however, once February hits, all winters feel the same, LONG, miserable, and worst of all GRAY! The amount of gray days in February in the midwest pretty much takes over the amount of sunshine we see all year. Yesterday and the day before, were FULL sun days and I couldn't help but wonder before that, when was the last time I saw the sun that bright. It was just what I needed. As I sit here typing this, it's gray again and we have a 7 day forecast of rain and cloud cover. But, it's MARCH. Do you know what that means? It means we are in the home stretch of winter and nearing the signs that spring is near! I looked out my window yesterday as the snow was steadily dripping away and I noticed the start of buds on the trees that will soon form those luscious green leaves of life that I love so much! The meltdown of winter is undesirable at best, mud, black dirty snow appears that's been hidden under the white blanket from the last snow fall. It's the like the transformation of a butterfly. The chrysalis is not pretty, but what emerges is worth the wait! I can't wait to see blooming flowers shoot up from the ground and the sun and the leaves and blossoming trees! Oh yes, we are sooooo close!

 Last week Hyacinths and tulips appeared in the stores! I had to pick up one of each to keep my house "cheerful" until the "real" flowers appear outside! When Miles was born, Al ordered a beautiful flower arrangement with Hyacinths in it, the smell of it reminds me so much of that precious time in our life :)

My kids and I have been home bound all week. Monday started out normal, then when Acilia came out of school at the end of the day with glassy eyes, I knew something was up. Later that night, a fever had emerged, and I knew we had on our hands a mini crisis, considering she has had perfect attendance so far this year. Tuesday was a freebie day. School was cancelled due to a "blizzard" (I use that term loosely considering I am one of those that believes the meteorologists are not God and they don't know how much snow will fall, they can only estimate and estimates are not always even close to accurate.) Acilia's school had called a snow day Monday night, in anticipation, so I couldn't help but giggle when we woke up Tuesday morning to NO SNOW. It hadn't started yet, however, the snow did start to fall mid morning and it fell and fell and fell until a measurable 7 inches in my yard. It was gorgeous. I knew deep down this would be our last snow fall, so I tried to enjoy it and push aside the fact that it's March and this is NOT spring weather! Tuesday played out and Acilia was still sporting a low grade fever, I knew Wednesday would be a sick day as well. So I called her in. I continued to call her in all week because her fever did not break until Thursday night. Which is precisely when MILES started in with a fever. Needless to say, it's been a low key week. It's been nice not to be slave to the alarm clock every morning and I am looking forward to another "break" in two weeks when spring break comes in and I am thinking, this low key week wasn't so bad!

Thursday we did venture out to play in the snow. I felt like we needed to really enjoy the snow while it lasts and soak in the sun that had appeared so gloriously in the sky!! The best form of vitamin D :) We have a little hill right across the street from our house, it's like our personal sledding hill :)

Her eyes are closed because clearly she is not used to having the sun in her eyes either! Ha ha ...but look a heart shaped snow ball :)

Franko even got to try the sled with me :)

Notice Miles eyes are closed too! Ha ha! I told you we aren't used to the sun :)

After being out for a little while, Acilia started to get tired. I told her to lay on the snow hill and close her eyes, to soak up the sun. *Almost* like laying on the grass on a summer day :)

I am calling it, this is the last time they will wear their snow clothes this winter!!
(That's me hopeful because both of them have a hole in their snow pants and I am hoping not to have to sew them!
HA !)

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  1. snow much fun :)

    that snow heart is awesome!

    have a lovely weekend!


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