Sunday, March 3, 2013


Well, before I start in about the fun revelation story, I do have to say, we did it! We survived Miles 5th birthday! He had a great few days and when I get to downloading pictures from my camera, I will share about his day! :)

So, my revelations tend to come at unexpected times throughout the day. I usually have to send myself a note , so I don't forget to share! Afterall, I love the moments where God comes to me with clarity and I feel the least I can do is share it! The moments are much more powerful when it happens, talking about it after the fact, sometimes kind of takes away the punch, but rest assured, I think the message still gets across :)

Well, as you know, I've been heart aching over the fact that my kids are starting at a new school next year. I love the school we attend and I love that Christ is a part of every day teaching, it's really actually a way of life in this school. It's centered around Christ and I see a lot of great things come out of that. So the thought of that being gone next year as we embark on public school, it's been a bit of a thought process to adjust to. Here's the revelation, perhaps this is what we are meant to do. Acilia has had the Biblical teaching up until now, she's sponged up a lot of knowledge. Perhaps God is ready to use us to introduce someone that doesn't know Jesus to our Savior? That is one thing she will not get in a Christian school. All of the kids have been taught the same and have the same understanding of Christ. Public schools are open to all types including those that may not know Jesus at all! Acilia might have the blessing of being someone that gets to introduce someone to our Lord and Savior and that could be quite a neat experience! I am getting ahead of myself, but it's still exciting to think about :) Makes me consider the whole public school thing in a new light and it reminds me that this path is God's plan for us and it helps me to feel more at peace!

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