Monday, March 18, 2013

Coach appreciation

Acilia just finished up her Poms season and the coach went above and beyond! I wanted to do something special for her. This coach was always bringing treats for the girls for their hard work and when I started looking for inspiration for a gift, I found some "candy related sayings". That helped move along the project, I then decided since there are 11 girls on the squad, I would get one piece of candy to represent each girl and we would make a list of "encouraging words" in a candy theme. (The words that we used, were found on various websites that are devoted to finding phrases that go along with candy names! Fun stuff!)

I put together this arrangement and I love how it turned out! It was EASY too! I found a basket, placed styrofoam in the bottom, took wooden skewers and hot glued the candy to each stick. Got some Easter basket grass and I did add the little flowers that can be used in a plant or outdoors too. I love using baskets as a gift because they can be used for many other things! I will also be collecting money from the parents on the squad and we will put some cash in the card to show our appreciation with a good old fashioned cash!

The sheet I printed to go along with it says:

2, 4, 6, 8...Who do we appreciate!

"You are a STAR coach" (Goes with Starburst)
"You've been SWEET" (Goes with Sweet tarts)
"Thank you for making lemonade out of LEMONS" (Goes with Lemon Heads, and this means a lot because this season was completely unorganized, without our coach, we would have fallen apart, but she dealt with all of the craziness like a pro and she really showed great dedication!)
"Many & Many thanks for all you did" (Goes with M&M's)
"We appreciate you BEARY much" (Goes with Gummy Bears)
"We wouldn't trade you for 100 Grand" (Goes with 100 Grand"
"Your coaching is RED HOT" (Goes with Red Hots)
"You are a LIFESAVER" (Goes with Lifesavers, and again relates to the crazy season!)
"Thank you for picking up the PIECES this season" (Goes with Reeses Pieces)
"Thank you for your EXTRA hard work" (Goes with Extra gum)
"You worked hard, so enJOY" (Goes with Almond Joy)

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