Friday, March 22, 2013


We have this gorgeous antique dining room furniture set. It's been in our home since before we moved in. We bought with the house, if that makes more sense. It was one of those sets that was sort of "made for the house" but not by any means really my style. I lived with it for 8 years, but I did tell hubby we would not be relocating this set with us when we move. So, it went up for sale. It's been up for sale for a few months, I had many interested parties, but when it came time to actually come get it, things always fell through. I even had a few people ask if I would separate it. At first I was not keen on that idea, but after it wasn't selling, I thought, why not? So, I listed each part of the set separately and guess what, I got an inquiry for the whole set! Ironic right? :) They planned to come today, but I wasn't too hopeful that it would actually go! It was a delightful "business exchange" they brought their 6 year old son and Miles entertained him with Legos!

First they moved everything to the porch. I had to laugh because the man that came asked if my hubby was home. My poor husband, each and every time I sell something, he ends up getting weaseled into helping the buyer carry it out! Even when he was on dialysis, he was asked to help!! I told him hubby wasn't home and I am sure that's not what he wanted to hear, but I jokingly assured him that my hubby was probably thankful not to be there! :) I then did my wife duty and texted my husband and told him not to rush home, or he might get stuck moving furniture AGAIN! :) All of this furniture moving really gave me a feel for moving day, OH I CAN'T WAIT!! And, in the meantime, I get to enjoy an EMPTY ROOM!! The kids were enjoying the open space too!! Acilia did about 50 cartwheels and Miles was making circles!

Sweet joys!

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