Friday, September 24, 2010


We went to Mexico, got back Monday night. It was an amazing trip! We stayed at a beautiful resort in Puerto Vallarta and witnessed my cousin getting married on the beach! I took sooooooooo many pictures (over 300) I will definitely share some of them soon but I must admit I've been LAZY! I can't muster energy lately! It's mostly the last few days since we got back, I've been depressed that the trip is over. It's funny because last week; anticipating the trip I actually thought about backing out of the whole thing a few times. I was nervous (AND excited, but nerves would creep in once in a while) and now, it's over, I want to go back!! I want to go back! ! I want to go back! ! ! ! ! ! ! For now, just lazy though...hopefully it will pass soon!

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