Saturday, September 11, 2010


A day that I am certain that most everyone in this country can recall exactly where they were; at exactly the time that the first plane struck the first tower. It's a somber day. I reflect on two things today. One of them being how special to me it is to have an anniversary to commemorate America, the unity that does peek in every now and again and most of all support our troops. The families that have close relatives in combat as I type this, most likely *never* forget. Each day, each hour, each minute they are reminded of their loved one who they hope and pray they see again someday. The rest of us? We go about our days. It's natural really, if you aren't directly impacted by something; it most likely doesn't affect your daily living. Today though, every American stops to think about the impact of that day. We all reflect. In our own way. 9/11 is a horrible, tragic piece of history. It will always force us "Never to Forget".

Another point I am reflecting upon today is the controversy surrounding a Pastor. I can't believe that "Controversy" and "Christian Pastor" are even in the same context, but the truth is; they are. Said Pastor had planned to burn the Muslim Bible as a form of protest. This perturbs me beyond what I can comprehend. It is my belief that Christians love one another; because we have been saved by the Grace of God through Jesus Christ. Love one another. Beyond my wildest dreams, burning one whole Religion's Sacred Book does not show love to me. It just doesn't. I can't even really see where he was coming from. A regular everyday American, it wouldn't surprise me. There are radical acts in all of us from one time to another. But it really lets me down that a Pastor would take this step. Pastor's make mistakes too; but there is a certain understanding that when you take a position that sets you apart from others, you will take it seriously and be a model of strength and morals in your position. Sort of like when you become a parent. You just want to do better because your children are watching at all times. I am not too out spoken about things I don't feel I have "done my homework" on but this one just rubs me the wrong way and I know that he has gone back on his word and has stated he will not be burning the Quaran. But is that enough? Is the damage now already done? It saddened me that the time has come that we must fear protests on a day that is meant to be a united day. A day of peace and reflection and love and memory and prayer and kindness.

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