Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seeking and hurting

I am going through the motions each day. It's been a rough few weeks. And so much more. I am finding it harder to wake up each morning, and finding less satisfaction in each piece of food that enters my mouth. I seek food; yet nothing appeals to me. I am seeking a smile; yet the smile is unfulfilling. I am seeking answers; getting more questions. I have said so many times before my brain can not handle anymore than it's already handling, and then it takes on more. I am throwing my hands up. God show me the way. I am seeking you in prayer, I know you are there, I know you feel my hurt and my questions and I know each precious gift you give will be revealed as you see it to be time. I am struggling to accept that deep down. It's the human trait of needing my requests fulfilled NOW. And I am shamelessly impatient. Lead me, Guide me, Help me.

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