Thursday, September 9, 2010

My purpose

I had a pretty cool revelation the other day. I was listening to Max Lucado speaking on KLOVE and it hit me. My purpose is to advocate life. It felt so neat to sit and reflect on what that meant exactly. Some things in this post may come off as "braggy" and that is not at all my intention. I am just sort of taking "tabs" of what I've done that God has so clearly guided me on that I didn't even realize at the time.

Let's start with my stance on Abortion. I have always under all circumstances felt that choosing life for the unborn child is a must. I know there are situations where it would be "best" to terminate. However, God will judge that criteria. It's not up to us. I was tested on that theory when I got pregnant for the first time. It was an unplanned pregnancy and flipped my life upside down. I was caught off guard. I had always thought I would handle an unplanned pregnancy so much differently. The truth is; I explored all options. Even that dreaded A word. Thinking back it makes me cringe, but it was a process and one I am glad I had the chance to walk. I can't specifically state what I would do, unless I've been put in the position and without a doubt I was put in the situation and had the "wand waved" at me that abortion could be an appealing option based on what was going on. I chose life. I'm happy with my choice!

I believe I got pregnant because of another one of my "promote life" experiences. I was working daycare with my mom and a family came to us that had a 17 month old adopted child. I was so pulled into their story of how tough the road to adoption was and I really felt the urge to help families that could not have children. I started doing some research and was lead to egg donation. This past July marked 8 years since I donated my eggs to a couple so they could go on to have a beautiful red headed little girl. A mere 3 months later I, myself was pregnant. I believe it was the hormones that made me more fertile.
Life was created.

Just this past December. I donated a kidney to my husband, so he himself could get his life back.

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  1. CHILLS!! What a fantastic post! Thank you for sharing that! I am a total life advocate myself. Just recently 'had' to persuade my half sister into keeping her unborn miracle even though her mom and my other sister were shedding light on, what they thought, was a more appealing option.

    Beautiful post! May God bless you!


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