Friday, May 11, 2012

Deeeeep breath

Well, with the big news lately about Obama sharing his supportive views on Gay Marriage and a 26 year old mom breastfeeding her 4 year old son on the cover of Time magazine, and then as a sort of domino effect of views spilling out into internet world of yay/nay way to go/appalling responses, I must say, society needs to CHILL THE HECK OUT! I can understand the Internet world allows for fingers to do the talking and opinions to go flying, but come on! I am calling the white flag movement! It seems these days for something to be accepted by society it must be literally JAMMED down our throats until we yell, OK! OK! I GIVE UP!! I'LL ACCEPT IT! Every single controversial issue out there is going to cause some ruffled feathers, both sides usually have valid arguments, but please, please, let the extremes fall away!! Could you imagine what life would be without "shock value" being added?? It seems the media takes the absolute most extreme case of something to use as the "grabber" and then there is the story. Media want to do us a favor?? How about being OBJECTIVE. Get facts from both sides, I am saying FACT, not opinion and allow the public the form their OWN opinions. It is so very hard to look at something and form an opinion when it's shared in a one sided manner. Michael Moore is prime example. The man has strong beliefs, he has made movies and gotten his opinion out there and yes, there are many people that agree with him, but what about those that want to look at the issues and form their own opinion? He is very persuasive, but he does NOT take both sides and share them fairly. I remember watching his movie Sicko, I tried very hard to watch with an open mind, he brought forth valid concerns and had plenty of people in there that could vouch for how wrong our healthcare system was working. But how great would it have been for him to have some on the other side? Those that have had jobs through healthcare and it has worked for them? There surely are people out there that could have opposed what he had to say, I would have had a lot more respect if he had shared the other side too. You can ALWAYS find someone to support your cause, but it takes real work to get your cause out there with an objective view point, therefore allowing you to win the opinions of others based on their own views, not being cheered on in your opinion and your opinion only. There are so few people out there (I am talking to BOTH sides of politics by the way) that share the facts. Just the facts, not the spin 'em facts, JUST the plain old facts. The CNN's and MSNBC's of the world, news casters, journalists, stop the sensationalism and JUST REPORT! Society media now has gotten so far out of hand and it's sickening to me. Do us all a favor and do what you are paid to do. Report the news. Not your version of the news, just the NEWS!


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