Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some randoms

The end of the year is nearing and I am at a loss for how I feel! I look at both my kids and can't wait to have more time with them, I love watching them interact, they aren't always the best or the kindest to one another but when they have their moments of love; it just melts me to a puddle!! I wait all year for summer, so now that it's upon us I am already dreading the fact that it's going to fly by and before we know it, another school year will be starting and that puts my little girl at FOURTH GRADE and my little boy in preschool THREE days a week!! It's true what they say "The days are long, but the years are short" I am striving to be the absolute best mom I can be and though I feel I've got this parenting thing under control, I do have my days where I am assured I am a little rough around the edges! :) I am so thankful that each day is anew and with that I get a new chance each morning when I wake up! Acilia and I got some one on one time on Friday night, we took a quick little bike ride, we stopped at our local park to have a little rest on the bench. With rest comes a chit chat and boy do I love those! I set myself up for a bit of a predicament when I told her "So, you are going to be NINE YEARS OLD NEXT MONTH (caps because I still can't believe it! Where did my baby go!?!?) that means I've been your mom for 9 years, how would you grade me?" She pondered for a quick moment and then declared "B+". Ooh, ouch? I was striving for an A! I asked her what it was that she loves about me as her mom, she first said she loves that I take her on bike rides and loves when we have alone time to talk. She also said I am nice. :) Then I asked what gave me a B+ and not an A. She said sometimes I don't understand her and sometimes she gets punished for things she didn't do. Ok, I can handle those! Easy fixes! :) We talked about how we could work on those two things, I told her she could just let me know if I am not understanding what she's telling me, then she can reword it to try to get her point across, as for the punishment for "crimes she didn't commit" I was able to use that as a teaching moment to inform her of the fact that though she doesn't lie often, it's just enough for us to doubt what she says sometimes and the easy way to fix that is to not ever, ever, ever lie! Easier said than done I informed her, but reminded her no matter what, even if she knows she will get into trouble for telling the truth, she still needs to always be honest. God's rules girlfriend :) As I noted recently on this here little blog, the itch to look into adoption is still ever present. Infact, the feeling is growing and I am not quite sure what to do with that. I've requested some information, I feel that's a logical next step, I keep talking to Al about it, I can honestly admit he's not nearly as intrigued as me, but he's not saying no to the idea too. I am happy that he's atleast open to learning more. Afterall, his only argument is the financial aspect and honestly, that's his argument for everything, so I am not surprised :) Acilia had a hard time falling asleep last night, so I went into her room and laid with her for a bit, she was dreaming about what it would be like to have a sister. She also said she dreams of sharing a room with that sister and went on to explain her vision of what their bedroom would look like. I was impressed with the elaborate detail! She really is my daughter! Always dreaming, always planning, always allowing sky to be the limit! I love that about her! Her dreams of having a sister prompted me to come downstairs after putting the kids to bed to do a little more research on adoption. I left the websites up on my computer, something I often do when I want to go back to something. Acilia found the websites today and asked if we are adopting a child to bring into the home. Al was there too and I just told her I was reading up on it. My mind is full of possibilities!!

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