Thursday, May 10, 2012

A&P is behind me!

I have officially completed the most challenging course so far in my college career and boy am I relieved! I realize there are going to be more challenging courses along the way; but for here and now, I choose to delight in the fact that I have a break and I am done done DONE with Anatomy and Physiology! The instructor was not bad at all, infact I chose to have her again for the second semester of the class, she has a passion for teaching and compassion for students. I didn't like her tests; at all. I studied my rear off and it never paid off, there was not the reward of a good grade (except for a few occasions) and over all, I am disappointed that I was a mere 10 points away from a B for this semester. I was constantly frustrated with the things she chose to put on her tests because they always seemed to be things that I had a basic understanding, but apparently not clear enough to answer the questions. As I said, I am disappointed, but so very relieved I don't have to take the class again. You see, I don't like having a C, but I would have been beside myself if I got less than a C, therefore having to take the class over again. So, I move on. Happy to have this notch in my belt!! I do have to mention, I was thinking I was doomed at the beginning of the semester, for the first 4 tests each grade came in at a D, oh that was not pretty! I was a ball of stress wondering what the heck I was doing wrong because the first semester (same instructor same material) I was getting B's on the tests. I realized I was allowing the stress of Al being hospitalized manifest itself into my concentration while studying and taking my tests. Midterm came and I was able to turn it around, getting better grades on the tests, which is literally the only thing you get graded on, that and your 10 extra credit points for attending every class. So, yes my grade was pulled up, and I was relieved that even if I bombed the final, I would still pass the class!

Next up is Nutrition. It's a summer class and I am hoping praying I get more out of it; because come fall, it's back to the "drag" courses, meaning the ones I am NOT looking forward to! (Fall is Chemistry, Spring will be Microbiology! Yuck and YUCK!!) I am still on track to apply for the nursing program next year, which just makes me giddy! I can't wait to get started, so I can get finished!!


  1. Hello! I've responded once before. Congratulations on completing A&P! I was not a fan of that class either and walked away from it with a C (A&P 1) and a C+ (A&P 2). During part one I was pregnant with my second child and had her at the end of the semester. During part two of the class, my second child had a kidney surgery. But, I was proud of my grades and glad to get the heck out! I did not really care for chemistry but microbiology is not bad at all! Very interesting, learning about bacteria, germs, etc. My last day of nursing one is tomorrow and I cannot get motivated to study. I keep getting distracted. I just cannot wait to be done with nursing one! The nursing program is incredibly tough and I wish you lot of luck in your future classes!

    1. It's amazing what mom's can accomplish isn't it?? Good job !

  2. Yay for you! No take and deep breath and relax. : ) Have a great weekend.


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