Thursday, July 22, 2010

Follow up

A post like my last one my last one is inevitable. I type my *real* feelings as they are occuring. Here's the other side of it: I am working on my marriage, my husband and I together are working on our marriage, WE are together and that is not changing anytime soon. It sucks a LOT of the time, and it gets me down, no doubt. I find fault in my husband, I find fault in what I am doing as a wife and I find fault in the fault that I am finding. It snowballs and it sucks and I am not sure where or when it's going to turn off. I am typing today from a more hopeful place. Hubby and I are having a good few days and though we often times do not agree on things, deep heart rooted things, we are getting along. I found an awesome website, well, I can't say *I* found it, I can say *it found me*. God placed it in my path and I feel like I was just handed a hammer for the nail that needs to be hammered into the wall. The nail that days before I was using a sponge to try to put in the wall. Get my analogy? Tools are needed, tools are necessary, where the tools come from is always changing, but the truth is, God provides those tools. This website is a tool and I am so thankful to have it so I can use it!!
Here it is!
And for the record, it was talked about on the radio station KLOVE. If you don't listen to that radio station I highly suggest you have a listen!! :)


  1. Awesome website! I love KLOVE too!!!! my daughters name is Kayla and she thinks that is HER radio station. :) hahahaha.

  2. That is precious! What a great station to "own" :)


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