Sunday, July 25, 2010


I am aching, literally for a 3rd child. My ovaries flutter at the thought of producing an egg each month to be fertilized so my childrearing days are complete. I've always wanted three children. 3-5 years apart. I wanted a girl first and then envisioned 2 boys. Baby making has gone according to my plan in the past. Acilia, our firstborn was the girl I had hoped for. Miles was conceived when Acilia was the age of 4. It was truly perfect. Acilia was asking for a baby brother or sister a few months before her 4th birthday. She wanted so badly to be a big sister. I took a pregnancy test the day of her 4th birthday and had a bright and clear positive. I remember telling Acilia the great news. It was the day of her birthday and we were downstairs alone, I told her I had a secret. I whispered in her ear "Mommy has a baby in her belly" she backed away looked me in the eyes and then looked down at my stomach. She smiled.

Acilia was born a "revlon model" with luscious red lips made for lipstick! That's what the delivery room nurses told us anyway :) She was a joy to have as an only child until we were to expand our family! Then right on cue came...

Miles whose been a sheer joy since the day of his birth. Sweet and friendly and a ray of sunshine! Truth is, I've been ready for number 3 since Miles was born! We've waited and now with Miles nearing the age of 3, there is no denying baby fever! Miles will be three by the time next baby comes, and it's just "time". Only problem is Al is not onboard :(
He sends me mixed signals. He knows how much I want another child; so he points out teeny tiny precious babies and mom's with large round bellies that are swelling with their growing infant! Al says two is enough, and we are blessed to have one of each (boy and girl) that's not enough for me!! I've always wanted 3, I have a deep rooted desire to have our last child and then move on to the next stages of parenthood.

I may be bias, but I happen to think they are quite a cute duo :) I can just picture a third child fitting in perfectly!

Siblings by blood; buddies by choice!


  1. Aww, I totally kwym! Hope you can convince Al one day to have another. Three is great! And your right, baby fever can make you crazy!

  2. I keep telling him if he would back off of logic and just let God decide, decision would be a lot easier ;)

  3. That decision is a lot easier. That's what happened to us. We were happy with 2 and then the positive happened....we had no insurance...AAHHH. God provided insurance and now we can't imagine life without our 3rd. weird. I hope and pray Al gets on board.

  4. im in the baby fever now and its crazy how much i want a third,, and a fourth lol.. i just loved being pregnant and raising children is all i have ever wanted to do. I hope Al gets on board and stays on board :) you make beautiful children.


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