Friday, June 11, 2010

6 months

I can't believe I am saying this. It's been SIX MONTHS since kidney transplant day. Wow! It's unfathomable to me! I feel like it's been MAYBE a month. Today was the day I traveled downtown for my 2nd of 4 post op appts. First was a week post op, then today was 6 months, next is 1 year and the final is 2 years post op.
This appointment has been scheduled since I was released from the hospital. Turns out today was a busy day to be in the city!
Two days ago, Al called me and said we needed to find a sitter. Turns out we had Cubs/White Sox tickets for a 1:20 game. How fun! I've been wanting to watch the Sox play the Cubs for ages!! For the record, we are Sox fans and we sported our Sox fan gear to the Cubs territory Wrigley Field today. Baseball gear felt completely out of place though! Something big happened in Chicago last week. The Blackhawks took home the STANLEY CUP!! Today was the celebratory Blackhawks parade. Read: 1 MILLION extra bodies filling some main roads for the LIVE once in a lifetime experience. Yup! Fun times in Chicago, I would say 90% of the population downtown today was sporting Blackhawks gear. We were out of place. We got to the Cubs stadium and again we were out of place, in our SOX gear. It wasn't bad though, there were way more people sporting Sox clothes than I had imagined. Sox won the game, 10-5. It took 4 hours to get out of the city and to our house. ACK! Way too long!!
Pics are of the craziness in the streets of Chicago during the Blackhawks parade :) and Wrigley Field (Where we were today) and *NEITHER PICTURE WAS TAKEN BY ME! I was just looking for pictures to represent my day!*

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