Friday, May 28, 2010

Putting yourself out there

Funky position. Blogging automatically puts you in the "public eye" category. But what if you don't like that? What if you like to get your thoughts out, yet don't want to be held accountable for them?
Facebook does the same sort of thing. You put your status updates out there. If you decide it wasn't a good idea to post, you could technically "delete" it. Yet, not without the chance of someone already having read it!
I've weeded through my Facebook friends. Not because I dislike anyone. More so, to gain some control of my vulnerability factor. I mean, do 604 people REALLLLLY need to know my thoughts? Nope, not really, I am not sure even 10 people REAAAALLLLLY need to know. But for some reason, I still put it out there.
I think it's an organizational thing. I have so many random thoughts that go through my mind on a regular basis, why NOT share them. Maybe someone could take what I say and use it in their life. (Then again maybe not).
It puts the vulnerability thing at a whole new level though. I come up with some crazy stuff. Yeah, I do. I admit it. Mostly because I've been told I do (in not so many words anyway). Makes me feel crazy sometimes the way people react to what I say. Should I censor myself? I often times come to the conclusion that I am just fine the way I am. However, that can be cringe worthy at times.
Love me? Or don't :)
But, I'm not changing! Atleast I am struggling not to change, because somewhere somehow, someone loves me just the way I am!! And accepts me for who I am.
Wow! This was a random post :) I apologize.
I hope it was entertaining atleast!!

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  1. I completely kwym. Ever since my family started reading my blog, I find myself thinking more about what I choose to post about. I really wish I could go back to the days when no one I really *knew* read my blog, lol!


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