Friday, June 25, 2010

The age of 7

Why didn't anyone warn me that with the "birth" of age 7, comes a new independence stage?? I could have prepared myself instead of being informed AFTER it happened compliments of a Parent's Magazine. I will admit the article written was a great one, had useful perspective and I felt like I got a lot out of it, but I was so distracted by the fact that I was reading about the age that affected my daughter, that I think I may have to read it again!
So, the lowdown is this, kids grow up. They grow up fast. There may be some truth to that "seven year itch". Not only when it comes to a marriage, but here now they say it relates to parenting too! 7 years really, it feels like just yesterday my oldest child was born and now I am reading about how we may be at a point where we are "sick of" each other? Are you kidding? Wait, think about it for a minute, it's great to have your 7 year old nearby, at all times, but do you think you have to still do everything for them? Probably not right, because they are doing it for themselves. Kids this age allegedly enjoy completely tasks on their own and are irritated when nagged by a parent. Wow! Who would have thought at age 7, there would be so much brains behind the operation!
My daughter Acilia turned 7 on Father's Day this past Sunday. I read the article the following day, on a whim. It gave me a chance to really do some thinking and observing, and yup! My daughter is officially 7. We still feel the love from her, infact she is still quite attached to good old mom, but she IS perfectly capable of completing tasks that have been asked of her, and she takes pride in completing the task in a way that is sure to surprise mom with how well it's been done!
Wow! My baby is growing up. I knew it was happening, but things like this just smack me with the reality of it all!
Happy birthday to my new 7 year old! I look forward to seeing your independence blossom!

Acilia and me on her birthday

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