Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm a mom

I have stretch marks from when you were in my womb
My breasts swelled with your very first food
I rocked you gently in the night
Threatening the monsters that gave you a fright.
I calm each and every one of your tears.
I speak serene words to quiet your fears.
I dress you in your fancy clothes no matter where we go
Teach you to be your best, it's something you must know
I give you your baths, I groom your hair and nails
You have a comfy bed, where sleep always prevails
I give you pajamas and tuck you in at night
Kiss you sweet dreams, we pray and I say "sleep tight"
You come to me if you fall and get hurt
I wipe your tears and wash away the dirt
I carefully choose words that boost your self esteem
I cheer you on as you discover your dreams
I'm proud of you, you are growing so strong
Healthy and happy; sure to be taller than me before long
You eat healthy foods, you sleep well at night,
It's my job, I do it right.
I take it seriously, this motherly duty
It shows in my kids, they are absolute beauties!
I work hard to teach you how to treat others
Friends, cousins, sisters and brothers.
I raise you to respect adults, but how to voice your mind
Always to do it in a way that's dignified and kind.
I'm your mom; the most important job in the world
It's a job that has no price, because it's a job no one could afford!

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