Friday, May 14, 2010

A beautiful day to remind us of the fragility of life

I will begin this post by explaining I am a tender hearted emotional fool lately!! I cry at the drop of a hat, and truth be told, it's getting incredibly OLD! I spent my earlier years making fun of people for crying at movies, or at sappy commercials, or anything else equally as cheesy. Well, let me just tell you, I am getting it back ten thousand fold! I can't sing, because I cry! I can't watch geese with their babies because I cry! It's getting ridiculous!!

This morning, I had the opportunity to please God. :)

I went to breakfast with Miles. We visit this place in a little downtown area a few blocks from where Cya attends school. We go in atleast once a week. The employees adore Miles. The food is great. It's just a fun little thing to do. Today we went in, sat down and started our breakfast fun. A man walked in. He was of senior age, had an air force hat on and was wearing glasses. He came in and sat at a table close enough where I could eavesdrop, if I wanted to. I don't do that, well not intentionally :)
His server walked up and greeted him, she was acting very compassionately to him and told him how she had been thinking of him a lot. He started to cry. He took his glasses off to wipe his eyes and my heart just melted. What was this man's story? Why was he so sad on a beautiful sunny morning? Why was the server so concerned with him. It wasn't my business, but I truly ached to know, ached to walk over and hug him (that would have been weird!!) ached to do SOMETHING to put a smile on his face. It came to me. I followed through and what unfolded was just beautiful and sweet and had me crying even more! When the server came over to check on me, I told her I had in my heart to do something for him. She was touched and stated he had just lost his wife. Heartbreak!
I am purposely not explaining what I did, because truth be told, it matters not. After I completed my task, the server asked if I wanted her to tell him who it was. I said no, she could just give him a note I had penned. It stated something along the lines of "Someone is smiling upon you today; hoping you get some joy out of the beauty all around us, and signed it Karrie and Miles (Fellow diners)"
The note was taken from me, it was time for us to leave. Miles was able to get his gumball that he always gets, and when we walked out, there was a train, so we stopped and watched it in the middle of the sidewalk. When we turned to go to our car, I noticed the man in the window, he made eye contact with me, tipped his hat and mouthed "thank you". I smiled and acknowledged his sweet kindness and I continued to my car. I got in the car and lost it!! It brought back a flood of memories of the last year, our first year since Grandpa passed away and how fragile grandma has been. Even though she has been incredibly strong through all of this, it's just earth shattering to lose a spouse and it's something that no one can make better. Even those that love you most.
Along that note though, there is a closeness that you feel to those that have lost a spouse. Even a closeness to strangers. Something you all have in common. Something that just doesn't seem fair, yet somehow, God carries everyone through it, and moves others to make a little bit of sun shine, and give hope.
Everyday for me, has been a true lesson. I am humbled and honored that God chooses me so often to touch the lives of others.

Show me your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths Psalm 25:4


  1. I'm in tears after reading this. I'm truly touched by the compassion you show others, Karrie.

  2. Erin, I am glad you were moved like I was!! But please, don't be touched by my compassion. I am literally just acting out what I feel God is moving me to do!! I can not take credit. Truly!!

  3. What a wonderful post. And a great reminder to be thankful and embrace what we have, while we have it.

    Good for you!


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