Monday, May 17, 2010

How I dreamed

I dreamed as a child, but they were always dreams that I never thought would come true. I dared to dream big; but had no intentions of following through to make my dreams come true.
With my kids, I work hard to allow them to dream AND realize that dreams come true if you work at them! No one has the power to discourage dreams, they are all your own.
Acilia, our daughter has been dreaming of horses her entire life. OK, maybe not entire life, but a good 4 years, which when you are only 6, that's quite a chunk of your life!
Acilia has saved every penny that came her way since a very young age, because she wanted to buy a horse someday. She has saved enough to buy a horse, but we are now teaching her that *just* buying a horse won't *keep* a horse. There is the upkeep which from what I hear can be quite pricey. Aside from upkeep there is the boarding. We don't have a home that has enough room to keep a horse, so that would mean the horse would have to stay elsewhere. Although she has spent a lot of time scheming where we COULD keep the horse (ex. the garage, the dog pen...) She has not once gotten discouraged and because of that I feel we must move on the path of getting this child a horse!
Backing up to my childhood, and how my dreams play into this whole story. I always wanted a horse!! I have wanted one for as long as I can remember, but never in my wildest dreams actually thought we would ever get one. I have talked myself out of it numerous times, but it's not so easy to talk yourself out of it when your child is the one dreaming. It's more "How can we make this happen?" Hard work, bring in money to purchase bigger property. Get my drift? Let me share a little cuteness! Acilia and I have done some searching as to what it takes to own a horse. One thing we found was that in order to keep a horse on your property, you must have 1.1 acres per horse. That must have stuck with Acilia, because every time we look at a house, she asks if it's "1.1 acres" Sounds cute coming out of the mouth of a 6 year old :)
Now, dreaming it's tricky if you don't work for it, it won't happen. My dream, my daughter's dream I mean; is to have a horse on our property. Acilia and I chat all the time about what it will look like, where we will ride it, what we will need to care for it. It's so fascinating to truly plan for our next house to have a yard big enough for a horse, and to think that quite possibly it *could* really happen!
Lucky little girl I have; she may get her dream soon! Blessed I am; to have a daughter that shares her mommy's dream :)

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