Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I will start at the beginning of this story. I signed up for a Psychology course to fulfill the requirement for my associates degree. The class, though I started excited turned out to be a flop! I have come to the conclusion that the instructor should not be in the business that she is, because she was anything but helpful. I ended up withdrawing from the class. There is a time limit to when you can withdraw from a class and get a refund, I was past that deadline. It didn't sit well with us that we had fully paid for a class that I was no longer taking, nor would get credit for. I did what anyone else would do, I went and filled out a form that explained the circumstances and requested a "breech" in contract (so to speak) and hope for atleast a partial refund. Time passed, I bit my nails, then I received a letter. My request was denied. Ack! Not cool, however, not unexpected. Al was not happy with the news. You can't blame him, afterall, it's his hard earned money that we are talking about, and he really does NOT like to see it go to waste! I decided to contact that printed name on the bottom of the letter, to find out what else I could do. She stated there is a committee that meets once a week, and I was welcome to appeal their decision. I pulled out all the stops, I wrote a "sob" letter so to speak of why they should reconsider the thoughts they had already formed. No easy task. I faxed it to the number she gave me, and again I waited.
Fast forward to Monday, the day of registration for my CNA course, the day I signed up to be charged almost $900 to be paid within 7 days. Today, with 5 days left to pay, Al informed me that it was either pay the mortgage or pay the tuition. Shoot! Needless to say, my tuition was not looking like the winner. I went out to get the mail, (a great time passer if I do say so myself) in the mail, I had a letter from COD. Nothing unusual, that comes with any registration. This letter was different, it was an appealed version of the original refund denial. This time, it was different I say, this time, they granted the refund! And not just partial refund as I had requested, it was full 100% refund!!!!! Hallelujah! God asks us to put faith in him, he is kind and he delivers!! So, our mortgage will be paid this month, as well as a much smaller portion of the tuition I owe, after this refunded credit makes it in to my records! Happy day!


  1. Way to stick to your guns! This post reminded me of a terrible experience I had with a professor in grad school. Check my blog for a post about it in a bit. :)

  2. I am glad I inspired a post out of you! :)

  3. God is good, ALL the time :)


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